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Infotecs develops and markets security solutions, which make your everyday work more flexible, simple and, above all, safer than ever before.

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17th of February is coming quickly. Then it is time to say goodbye to our old office directly near the “Dutch Quarter” in Potsdam and move into the middle of bustling government district of Berlin. We will be there for you in the future right next to the Foreign Office. Our new address is: Oberwallstr. 24, 10117 Berlin.
This is familiar to every car driver: the car is equipped with a wide range of security systems. Airbags, ABS, rangefinders, etc. Whether they are really helpful will only show in an unlikely case of emergency. Until this will happen, the driver must rely solely to the advertising promises of the manufacturer. Trust is good, but control is better. For this reason, there are independent experts who have the know-how to check those equipment, before there is a dangerous situation. Testing experts with a particularly good reputation, of course, the experts from TÜV.
ViPNet OFFICE 2.2: Three components — working hand in hand
The optional Windows- or Linux-based ViPNet OFFICE consists of three components. The network administrator of the company uses ViPNet Manager to define the logical structure of the ViPNet network and to generate the required access keys and passwords.

Most people are using passwords they can remember easily when they are working on a PC workstation. The name of their dog, their own nickname, birthday of their child or their partner's favorite movie: these are the classics. However, these are no secure passwords: professional hackers will crack such passwords in seconds. But who is able to remember cryptic constructions like "ZdH / 7 * d55"? Especially when it is forbidden for security reasons to write down this string.
Companies always pressure on more security when it comes to bringing together multiple computers in one or more locations on a network. The aim must be to build such a network to allow communication within the company without compromising whilst stopping an unauthorized intrusion completely from the outside.
Designed as a software based VPN solution ViPNet OFFICE 2.0 helps to create highly secured networks which deny any loopholes for hackers. Using this unique technology the level of security for a company network will be enhanced radically.
With immediate effect ViPNet OFFICE is available with its new version 2.0. Many details have been improved and these are the most important innovations.
They say what you entrust to your pc is nearly as public as a notice in the staff canteen. It is far too easy for unauthorized persons to copy sensible data privily to use them for their own purpose. If you want to store important files you have to make sure that they are hidden perfectly – just like Easter eggs. But as safe that no one could even find them.
INFOTECS, a leading security software vendor, announces today windows 64 Bits Operating systems support for it’s Safe Disk 3.2. with new Bug fixes.

In addition to new bug fixes the new release supports the following operating system : Windows XP Pro (x64)/Vista (x64)/Server 2008 (x32/64)/Windows 7 (X32/64).
INFOTECS, a leading security software innovator, announces today the achievement of Intel Software Partner status. The prestigious nomination recognizes Infotecs high level of competence and expertise with Intel technologies.

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