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The jury of Industry Prize 2016 honors ViPNet Coordinator IG10 as one of the best IT and software solutions for industry. As a machine manufacturer or operator, you utilize innovative IT technologies for industrial manufacturing plants. This increases the risk of attacks on the internal production environment. The integration of production systems with intelligent control systems and sensors, or the integration of their individual elements into the corporate LAN or even to public networks, is associated with enormous risks.

By using ViPNet VPN, you can control production systems and access machine and operating data from anywhere, being protected from internal and external attacks.

IT Security for Production Systems

Within the industry, two areas can be clearly defined for security purposes: one is the internal area as a part of the local network, in which the production equipment is to be brought together into a protected area. Only certain members of the LAN obtain access to these areas.

On the other hand, it should be possible for machine manufacturers, business partners, and service providers to access the systems externally via the Internet in a controlled manner, whether for teleservice, condition monitoring, managing purposes, or M2M communication.

The ViPNet technology is ideal for any of these individual scenarios or for a mix of them and reduces the risks without limiting the possibilities of modern means of production.

Advantages for Machine Manufacturers

  • Direct access to machines and systems independent of their location
  • A high security standard, required by operators
  • Complete transparency for the used software: ViPNet VPN makes it possible to perform all actions as if they were executed on the spot on a local network
  • No cost-intensive dedicated lines or telephone lines required: all types of Internet connections are supported (WLAN, GPRS, UMTS, LTE, etc.)
  • Connecting the customer service employee to the local system
  • Access to older machines without individual remote maintenance interfaces

Advantages for Machine Operators

  • Protection of production equipment from a potentially unsafe area on the local network
  • Highly secure virtual departments: the system can only be controlled and monitored within these
  • Systems and system parts installed outside production halls can be securely connected to a central production site
  • External access is made possible according to the company's available security policies and does not affect the network's security
  • Individually adaptable access rights to machine data

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